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What is a fractal? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=1006022310836&r=w. Follow . 3 answers 3. ... Dating Sites; Cheap Airline Tickets;
Cuasiautosimilitud: exige que el fractal parezca aproximadamente idéntico a diferentes escalas. Los fractales de este tipo contienen copias menores y distorsionadas ...
Mandelbrot definiu fractal como "um sistema organizado para o qual a dimensão de Hausdorff-Besicovitch excede estritamente a dimensão topológica ...
The fractal geometry of the structure of the vacuum of space encoded into our musical systems! For more on the connection between music and Sacred geometry.
E-mail: grupoinsight2025@yahoo.es ** Investigadora del Grupo Insight. ... Fractals in Physiology and Medicine. The Yale Journal of Biology. 1987; 60: 421-35. 4.
E-mails: danielpena1872@gmail.com daniel_pena1872@yahoo.com.ar ... Introducción al concepto de fractal De seguro que usted no conoce los fractales.
Benoit Mandelbrot was a Polish-born French mathematician best known as the father of fractal geometry. In addition to coining the term "fractal" to describe objects ...
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Q: How are fractals made? ... My Yahoo; Twitter; Subscribe via Email. ... Why does carbon dating detect when things were alive?